Localizing IT Training

We design and develop IT training products that are localized for different geographies. Our team of instructional designers, media specialists, and writers create the instructional content using a global English writing style and media components that are culture-neutral and can be translated for foreign-language markets with no loss of instructional value or user engagement.

We work on the localization aspects right at the start of the product development cycle, which provides the following benefits:
Reduced product cost and faster time to market

  • By leveraging engineering, graphics, and testing resources across the English-language product and its foreign-language versions.
  • By reducing project management and translation costs by integrating the development lifecycles of the English-language product and localized versions.

Enhanced content fidelity:The same team of instructional designers, subject experts, writers, media specialists, and programmers that created the master product in English works with language translators to achieve better localized output.