Multimedia Development

Multimedia Development

The rapidly increasing access to rich media technologies such as video, web conferencing, social media applications, interactive white boards, etc provide a wealth of opportunities for education. This is a rapidly changing landscape as existing and emerging technologies increase both access and expectation in regards to communication. Coupled with this is the growing recognition that new generations of students have greater expectations of media rich learning opportunities and in many cases institutions are poorly placed to respond to this demand.

With hands on experience and expert skills, our Multimedia CoE creates powerful learning content using robust tools and frameworks that allow for seamless human interaction and rich user engagement. We develop custom learning paths for individual students and groups. By creating a two-way communication channel within the content, we facilitate student participation, communication and collaboration. We also evaluate students’ work using a rich set of assessment capabilities.

Methods of Teaching

Our selection of learning technology and methods is based on key factors such as:

  • What are the learning objectives?
  • What learning styles are we addressing?
  • What is the type and size of the audience?
  • Will the teaching style be self-instructional or teacher-led?
  • How efficiently can we develop?
  • How quickly will the given media component change / fade away
  • Should we buy off the shelf or create from scratch
  • Does it promote interest and interactivity?
Learning Activities

The methods of teaching we use are spanned across various resources, approaches, technologies and activities:

  • Brainstorming exercises
  • Real-world Simulations
  • Interactive eBooks (iBook)
  • Discovery Learning (exploratory)
  • Experimental Exercises
  • Interactive Videos
  • Interactive Slideshows
  • Games
  • Standard Interactions (MCQ, FIB, Drag & Drop)
  • Custom / Complex Interactions (Timeline, Click to Find)
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Role-play scenarios
  • Study-groups

We have a dedicated and highly skilled multimedia team with experience in developing rich multimedia for web and mobile platforms using latest cutting-edge tools & technology. We partner with Clients to just not build products that are rich in content but produce an ever lasting experience full of interactive and collaborative tools allowing students to seamlessly communicate and provide feedback in the process of learning.