Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

We have a passion for innovation, and our immersive virtual reality videos will help you enhance your brand.

Virtual reality is an innovative technology that will change our future unimaginably. It uses computer technology to create realistic images and sounds in a three-dimensional (3D) environment. The environment generated in virtual reality is artificial but looks like the real world.

We, at Ixia, create 360° real life as well as 3D animation virtual reality videos. We provide seamless 360° video experience to our customers. Our solutions work on all platforms. Our instructional design and visualization provide additional pedagogical benefits that go beyond blended learning. Our interactive virtual reality videos enhance learning and help in mitigating risks.

We have created virtual reality videos for chemistry and physics labs. Our videos cater to K-12 as well as AP level courses. Our videos give you a completely safe and interactive 3D environment. For example, in chemistry, you can completely eliminate equipment. You can train students without exposing them to any safety issues.

Benefits of virtual reality in education:

  • gives real-life like experience
  • helps in improving communication
  • helps in assimilating information more easily
  • enhances understanding using real-time models
  • attracts students and trainees
  • enables students to see things they cannot in real life
  • makes complex topics more effective and easier to learn
  • creates safe and repeatable environment