Data Analytics

Data Analytics

“Data has transformed into one of the most significant tools for organizations given its role in critical decision making. Our solutions help in extracting, preparing, and blending your data.”

“Our analytics and visualizations will change the way you run your business.”

According to recent reports, more data has been generated in the last two years than in the entire history of humankind. Big Data helps shape this raw data into useful information that can help businesses and organizations grow and meet customer needs.

We at Ixia believe in the power of Big Data. And we are helping businesses and organizations to realize its potential. We provide solutions across all the phases of the Big Data lifecycle.

The Big Data lifecycle can be roughly broken down into five phases:

Planning involves identifying the datasets required for analysis and their sources. The objective of the project is also analyzed in order to identify the criteria for data relevancy.

Acquisition is the gathering of data from all the sources that were identified in the previous phase. Data is filtered for erroneous and unsubstantial information. Only the data relevant to the process is retained and used in the later phases.

Preparation works with an analytic sandbox, in which data is preprocessed. Data is extracted, transformed and loaded (ETL) in preparation for the analysis phase.

Analysis involves examining raw data with an intention to draw conclusions. It uses mathematics, statistics, predictive modeling, and machine-learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in the recorded data.

Visualization refers to the graphic and intuitive communication of the analysis results for effective interpretation by business users. The end result allows users to perform quick visual analyses and easily understand the vast amounts of raw data that they started with.

We specialize in Reporting and Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you are trying to understand your data. You can quickly visualize very large amounts of data using data visualization techniques. Data visualization is the quickest and easiest way to understand concepts and diagnose and solve problems fast.

We present data visually using graphs and pictures. We are skilled in reporting and dashboard design. We deliver professional-looking reports and interactive dashboards. Our reports and dashboards communicate data in a clear and compelling fashion. We also create custom visualizations and UI designs to meet business requirements.

We use multiple tools and technologies such as Qlikview, Tableau, LogiAnalytics, and MS Power BI.