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The growing use of mobile devices in classrooms is redefining the learning experience for educators and students and both parties want content that can consumed on a range of mobile devices. The current availability of mobile-optimized learning tools and resources falls well short of the demand. Many publishers are vying to cash in through quick-fix “solutions” for making their products “mobile compatible.” At Ixia, we do not follow this patchwork approach.

We take a “design from scratch” approach to create learning products that are not just mobile compatible but optimized for a wide range of platforms and devices.

While other developers are investing on mobile migration strategies, at our Mobile COE we take a “design from scratch” approach to create learning products that are not just mobile compatible but optimized for a wide range of platforms and devices. By repurposing content, reengineering tools and services, redesigning the user interface, and introducing social networking tools, we create a whole new product that is optimized for mobile delivery. Our mobile development approach translates into multiple benefits for users such as the best possible screen resolution and layout, less use of computing power and Internet bandwidth, the flexibility of offline usage, etc.

Our team of instructional designers, creative directors, information architects, UX designers, programmers and test engineers are extensively trained in mobile app development best practices & design principles and has rich experience in creating mobile learning products that are effective yet fun and easy to use.
PRODUCTS & SERVICESWe design and develop mobile solutions for K12 and Higher-Education in the following areas:

Learning Apps

We develop content-specific learning apps. Educators and learners can download these apps from app stores and use it inside classroom as well as for outside classroom activities.

Mobile Games

Our Mobile CoE specializes in creating the most optimum gaming experience on Mobile devices. Taking the ‘Mobile-first’ approach, we develop wireframes and designs that take into account all aspects of Mobility, so that the user experience is not compromised on Mobile devices with different screen resolutions and computing power. Likewise, we ensure that all Mobile games are tested under our Mobile QA guidelines, to ensure they perform consistently and optimally on devices that are most commonly used.

Online Courseware

We develop complete online solutions for Mobile that Schools and districts can implement fully or they can take a blended approach in which educators can use a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.

Learning Tools

We develop mobile learning Tools and Aids that help teachers, parents and students to access a library of learning resources and functions, while they are on the move. These tools are specifically designed to ensure offline accessibility (in places with no internet connection), with content carefully curated by a team of experts. Periodic updates to content and features are easily downloaded as and when the devices are back online.

Digital Books

We develop truly interactive digital textbooks, a new kind of study aid: one that helps students closely interact with content and rich media, take notes and review content as they read. We take this further by designing Mobile templates that offer a rich-engaging, full-screen experience full of interactive diagrams, photos, and videos on Mobile tablets.

Byte-based learning

We design and develop quick bytes of learning – Factsheets, Glossary and Quiz items designed to supplement course content. Students get a quick and easy way to assess their knowledge and understanding about the selected course whenever they want, wherever they are.

TECHNOLOGY & TOOLSWe work with the latest Mobile tools & frameworks (SDKs) that allow for building truly interactive Mobile learning experience. We also develop proprietary custom-made tools that help convert legacy content/products into HTML5 standards for Mobile-web consumption.

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