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Welcome to Ixia Solutions! We provide multi-shore content and software development solutions to some of the world’s top education product owners including publishers, online universities, virtual schools, and independent software vendors. Read about our product and service offerings for learning platforms and content.


  • Content Conversion

    HTML5 is rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for building high quality mobile and desktop applications. HTML5 (together with CSS and JavaScript) lifts the restrictions of earlier HTML standards
  • User Experience

    Nowadays, with so much emphasis on user-centered design, describing and justifying the importance of designing and enhancing the user experience seems almost unnecessary. We could simply say, “It’s important because
  • Mobile Learning

    Mobile learning is a growing trend in classrooms, creating a more flexible, collaborative, and interactive learning experience in schools and districts. Mobile devices are changing the way that educators teach
  • Multimedia Development

    The rapidly increasing access to rich media technologies such as video, web conferencing, social media applications, interactive white boards, etc provide a wealth of opportunities for education. This is a
  • K -12 Curriculum products

    Our bespoke courseware for K-12 education providers is in keeping with the highest standards of instructional effectiveness and student engagement. Our courseware spans not just core areas (Math and English
  • Instructional Design

    Our courseware creation team has expertise and experience in designing and developing courseware that draws on the work of the finest minds in instructional theory. These include David Merrill, Benjamin
  • Higher Education

    Competency based learning, the rise of MOOCs (Massively Online Open Couseware) and content digitization are key trends in college education that are sweeping across the US. At Ixia, we have
  • Localizing IT Training

    We design and develop IT training products that are localized for different geographies. Our team of instructional designers, media specialists, and writers create the instructional content using a global English
  • LMS / SIS Reengineering

    Ixia has expertise in re-engineering education domain applications. We are unique organization that provides end to end solution for the Student lifecycle that unites academics to administration. We have re-engineered