Team at Ixia

At Ixia, we offer careers that encourage people to take on challenges, make choices, and gain the experience needed to grow. We are proud of our fun-filled and energetic working environment that fosters growth in your skill and merit. There is meaningful work and real growth at every level. As a part of our dynamic organization you will benefit from working with clients that represent the global economy. Read on to see what life at Ixia entails.

Passion for Learning

  • We aim at continuous learning for all our employees. At an organizational level, each department has training programs. Everyone can benefit from these programs to hone and improve their existing skills.
  • We are committed to continuous personal and professional development in a dynamic industry. We invest and focus on learning and building intellectual capital for our employees.
  • We recognize that our employees have the potential to grow and pride ourselves on our mentoring system. Seniors assess team members to identify skills and gaps if any. They chalk out an individualized training and improvement plan to fill in these gaps, so that each person is equipped with the skills that they need to function well at their jobs.
  • We acknowledge and reward good performers with overseas opportunities which involve direct client interactions. We also have annual rewards and recognitions ceremony to felicitate exceptional performers.

We have a diverse and exciting team environment. This eclectic mix of people is an important source of opportunities, perspectives, and relationships. This diversity goes a long way in fostering better relationships for our people and our business.


  • We are a dynamic and rapidly growing company in an industry where customer satisfaction is the measure of success.
  • We design projects using the best resources available.
  • We aim at delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients, on-time, within budget, and according to specifications.
  • We continuously re-examine and improvise our processes…in other words we constantly strive for excellence.
  • We give each person the opportunity to learn and excel as individuals and team players. Be it technology, project management, writing or design, each client engagement provides a unique opportunity to innovate and excel to build a new product or program that changes the way we do business.
  • We exhibit our spirit of innovation and excellence in the way we build and manage our technology and people.
  • We are proud of our congenial and collaborative working-style approach.

Fun at work
We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and we make working at Ixia an enjoyable experience by providing a right balance between work and fun. At the end of each quarter, the employees and management get a chance to unwind, let their hair down, and party. Each project completion is a time for celebration and we do it with theme parties or picnics. The team is allowed to choose how they want to celebrate their hard work. Special occasions like our company’s anniversary celebrations, corporate outings and employee birthday’s are celebrated with great deal of enthusiasm.